Pure Saline

Our Pure Saline solution is a combination of sodium chloride and water at a concentration of 9 grams of salt per liter (a 0.9% solution). It is commonly called normal saline, though it may also be referred to as isotonic saline. 

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Why Get A Pure Saline IV?

Previously, drinking fluids was considered the best solution to dehydration. However, researchers later found that when people drink water after a workout session, most of it is absorbed by the tissues in the throat and those along the digestive tract. To hydrate all the other tissues in your body after a gym session, you have to drink a lot of water. IV therapy hydrates your body more efficiently by delivering fluids directly into your bloodstream, where they travel to parts that need them most. 

When you push your body to the max, you lose more than just fluids. So drinking a lot of water is not always enough. To stay in the best shape, you also need to replenish your electrolytes and other nutrients. IV hydration, refreshes and replenishes your body with nutrients instantly, leaving you hydrated and revitalized. 

When you get a saline IV it also cuts down your recovery time. Hydrating orally by drinking water could take all day as you’re trying to get all of your fluids down. 

Benefits Of A Pure Saline IV

Many people think wellness is just about their health. However, wellness is a general cover term for several factors that contribute to your overall wellbeing, including all aspects of your life, from your emotions to your environment. By providing your body with the tools it needs to stay in peak form, IV therapy improves not only your physical wellness, but also some aspects of your emotional wellness. It can help you fight some mental conditions, such as anxiety and depression. The ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients provided by IV therapy leaves you feeling better, and improves your immunity and mental clarity. In addition it also provides your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve immune health
  • Fight anxiety
  • Improve symptoms of depression
  • Combat fatigue
  • Improve mental clarity and cognitive function
  • Improve symptoms of asthma
  • Reduce the symptoms of migraines
  • Maintain the strength of muscles and tissues
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Fight allergies


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